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Alcotrans was founded as the dream of two friends and entrepreneurs, who decided to work hard for the growth and success of small and medium enterprises, which want to guarantee quality, health, safety and the environment in all their processes.

In just 4 years, we have consolidated as consultants and entrepreneurs of the new generation of millennials, and we have successfully contributed to the growth of more than 40 organizations.


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Fantastic team

Carlos Cortes

General Leader >

"Entrepreneurship is giving power to an idea, to have the courage to break a paradigm."

Vanesa Garzon

Administrative Leader >

"It takes more than 50 years of experience, to realize that we have things to learn"

Lucia Ladino

HSEQ Leader >

"Each awakening is a new opportunity that gives us life to form us in the personal, professional and professional."

Nubia Garavito

Occupational Health Leader >

"Success consists in overcoming the fear of failure, overcoming this fear makes every project and goal possible"

We want to meet you!

We are here for you!

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